A visual way to explore company hierarchies 

Stop wasting time trying to understand how your target companies are structured and organised. Our new visual explorer takes care of the hard work for you by visualising company hierarchies and displaying them by turnover 

Company Group View

Now it’s easy to explore company hierarchies in a visual way. Drill into parents and subsidiaries to understand more about a company’s structure and even explore international linkages, all from the Companies page in FullCircl.

FullCircl Group Explorer

Our new visualisation tool helps you quickly navigate entire company groups and enables you to:

  • Understand a company’s organisational hierarchy
  • Identify the relationships between your customers and other group entities
  • Visually explore Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) data to improve onboarding speed and reduce risk

Some quick tips: 

  • If you see a halo around a company, simply double-click to expand  
  • Single clicking any company opens a card with more information 
  • Follow the links in that card to find the details for other companies 
  • The size of the circle around a company represents its size (turnover) relative to the others 
  • Hover over a company to see the path from that company to the place you started  

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